Sunday, January 31, 2010

Question: Is the EM578 a Kit Car?

This is a question we often receive, and love to answer!  No, the EM578 is not a kit car.

The EM578 is a Performance Component Vehicle, custom and hand-built by us to your specifications - much different than a kit car!

Here are just two important distinctions between a kit car and the EM578 Performance Component Vehicle:

1. A kit car is often for someone who wants a unique design, along with the pride and satisfaction of assembling the car themselves. This requires extensive time, research, and assembly expertise on the part of the buyer.

The EM578 is for someone who wants a rolling chassis or ready-to-drive vintage sports car.  It is not available as a kit, meaning we build you a complete car at our facility, to your exact specifications.  There are many ways you can option your EM578 to make it even more unique, including engine selection, interior options, and more.

Pleas see our extensive options list. 

2. A kit car often requires the buyer to source key parts, and often the "donor car" itself, from one or more used vehicles.

Each EM578 is built with the highest attention to detail, and quality second-to-none!  You don't have to worry about whether the car you're buying has been abused or neglected.  We fabricate a first-class chassis at our facility for maximum rigidity and safety.

Click here to learn more about our rigorous build process.

For more EM578 insights, we recommend reading our FAQs page, filled with answers to questions discriminating buyers like you want to know!

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